Best RC Trucks 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

You simply don’t buy an RC truck for back and forth playing. Owing to remarkable progress in developing this high tech little machines, today we can witness some absolutely incredible things that RC trucks can do. Crawling over sharp rocks, rushing through the deep mud or even riding under the ice are just examples of skills that best RC trucks own.

However, it’s not just skills that make RC trucks so popular, it’s also their customizability. The RC truck market is oversaturated with small parts waiting to be integrated into very complicated machinery. Either way, this guide will help you find the best RC truck for you considering a wide range of factors.

Best RC Trucks 2017

Below is a quick comparison guide between the top RC trucks on the market. Further below we will review each one in more details.

best rc truck
Traxxas X-Maxx
Brushless Electric Monster RTR All terrain ready; Very stable; Innovative waterproofing solutionsNot much grip in tiresCheck Price
best cheap rc truck
Axial Racing 1/10 Wraith Rock Racer
Wraith Rock Racer with 20T motorAmazing crawling skills; Durability on highest level; Ready for any surfacePlastic parts prone to crackingCheck Price
best off road rc ruck
Redcat Racing Blackout SC PRO
Electric Brushless KV3800 Motor Fast on the track; Refined handling; High speed jumpsQuestionnable durability Check Price
1/8Th Mad Torque Rock Crawler RC truck
1/8Th Mad Torque Rock Crawler
N/ASmooth crawling; Open for upgrades; Excellent bargainNot so Waterproof; Check Price
GPTOYS rc truck
GP Brush 390 motorVery fast
Simple controlling; Easy to maneuver
Fragile; Unreliable ChargerCheck Price

RC Truck Buyer’s Guide

best rc truck

Brand: It’s always a pleasure to deal with top brands. Quality approach and clear views are things that unequivocally lead to the production of the best remote control truck. Likewise, serious manufacturers usually provide additional parts as well as good customer support service.

Price: The most expensive RC truck will surely guarantee you top performance. Often quality depends on the money you spend but if you don’t intend to spend too much, you can always find a good price-quality ratio. If you are looking for simple RC truck, you certainly don’t need some advanced options, thus the price can be much lower. 

Terrain: RC trucks are simply made to overcome the toughest obstacles. Wide tires should provide solid grip going through deep mud, a quality suspension will give you a chance to navigate your little buddy down the rocky descents and its high position will allow stability on steep slopes. The best RC trucks are normally fully waterproof inasmuch they can go through deep water!

Speed: The speed is not the main feature of RC trucks as is the case with the best RC cars. While RC cars can storm in front of your feet with more than 60 mph, RC trucks are slightly slower, partly because they are not that light.  Nevertheless, best electric RC truck with his powerful motor can hit 40 mph which is also pretty quick!

Durability: Good RC truck models have very strong and resistant chassis securing inside parts from cracking. Occasional flipping or crashing into obstacles should not make big damage.

Top RC Trucks Review

Traxxas X-Maxx 4WD Brushless Electric Monster RTR Truck traxxas-x-maxx-best-rc-truck-2016– Brutal Strength   

Just 5 times smaller than a regular truck, Traxxas X-Maxx probably stands for one of the best RC truck ever made. With this enormous brute, you can roll over virtually any terrain. Big shocks, 4-wheel drive, and Traxxas Stability Management make this truck ready for any challenge. With innovative waterproofing solutions, it will confidently rush through deep mud, snow or even dive under the surface. Its modern clean-sheet design makes this monster RC truck even more outstanding! It is also one of the most expensive RC truck on the market but it is truly worth any cent.

Traxxas has made a huge step forward with this model making it almost without downsides. However, if we were too strict we would say that the tires don’t allow too much side grip which can affect the speed in the corner.

  • Incredible engineering formula which makes it ready for toughest challenges
  • Very stable on rough surface
  • Innovative waterproofing solution allows virtually all conditions readiness
  • Tires don’t have too much side grip

Axial Racing 1/10 Wraith Rock Racer 4WD – Crawling Master 

axial-racing-110-wraith-rock-racer-rc-truckWith its crawling skills, Axial Racing Wraith Rock Racer is able to climb up the steepest slopes. You will be amazed how stable it is and how hard it can be to flip it over. It is simply made to overcome basically any kind of surface. Owing to its impressive looking tires, walking through the sand is not even the slightest problem. Axial has made it very durable indeed. Well built, realistic-looking chassis offers great security for inside parts. Basic crashes into rocks can’t easily break this crawling master. Like most trucks in its class, it is waterproof and able to survive all kinds of weather conditions.

For the price of about $400, you don’t want to deal with plastic parts on the front end. It can be easily replaced with aluminum but for given money, you surely expect that it’s already done in the factory. It is also a bit heavy which sometimes causes problems with going backward on very steep climbs. However, it can be improved with few interventions.

  • Incredible crawling skills can walk through virtually any surface
  • Very durable and well protected inside parts
  • Waterproof, ready for wide range of terrain conditions
  • Plastic parts on front end prone to cracking

Redcat Racing Blackout SC PRO 

redcat-racing-blackout-sc-pro-rc-truckPowerful, fast and very light for RC truck, Blackout SC PRO is one of the best short course racing trucks on the market according to many satisfied customers. It is very well built and made for flying over obstacles at full speed. The soft compound short course truck tires promise good handling in the corners. Independent suspension and four oil shocks make this RC truck pretty confident on jumps. It is waterproof but it is recommended not to go in deep waters.

Durability is not something that enriches this model. A number of people claimed that small crashes could cause serious damage. According to them, Blackout SC PRO needs regular and detailed maintenance.

  • Very fast on the short course tracks
  • Refined handling
  • Able to fly over obstacles in high speed
  • Easily broken due to irregular maintenance

1/8Th Mad Torque Rock Crawler Ready to Run – Good Beginner

18th-mad-torque-rock-crawler-cheap-rc-truckFor $200 you can expect quite nice climbing from this courageous, bold looking crawler. The multi-link suspension offers very calm and smooth crawling. Sharp rocks and awkward stones will be easily surmounted. Torque transmission was designed to place the weight as low as possible to maintain a low center of gravity. It has plenty of room for customization thus you could make a top machine with few upgrades. This well-designed truck can be great starting point for those with no experience considering the product price which is very reasonable.

The manufacturer has been very quiet about waterproofing abilities. It says it is but according to many people, deep water can do harm to the motor. However, it can be fixed with small intervention. Descents can be tricky because of high positioned shocks.

  • Smooth crawling skills, easily surpass every obstacle
  • Open for customization and upgrading
  • Great value for given money
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Descents can be difficult to handle

GPTOYS 1/12 Scale Electric RC Truck – Great for Gifts

gptoys-affordable-rc-truckIf you are looking for quality birthday gift for your child, this little thunder can be the right choice. It is surely not among the best company on the market but it can surprise with its capabilities.  For about $70 you will get a very fast machine which can hit 30+ mph. Combining it with decent off-road abilities, you have a picture of a very capable little toy. Remote control is not hard to use thus it can be used by all ages. Its design is very powerful so the kids will absolutely love it.

If you ride it aggressively there is a big chance that you will crash it somewhere. When it comes to crashes it can survive easier ones, but don’t run it full speed into the wall and expect that will just bounce off and keep going. Also, the charger is prone to failure but can be replaced easily.

  • Very fast for its class
  • Simple controlling
  • Very nice design
  • Fragile and easily broken
  • Low-quality charger

Final Thoughts

Whereas the remote control truck market is quite saturated, it wasn’t easy job to pick 5 best RC trucks. You should keep in mind that RC cars we have mentioned as well as all other products on the market are not perfect and that each one of them has its downsides. We have tried to appoint right ones keeping in mind desires and needs of the customer. Moreover, while writing and collecting needed information, we always looked for the quality-price ratio.

Hopefully, this guide helped you find the best RC truck for you.

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