Best Fuel Injector Cleaners 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

While driving 60 mph on the open road, we rarely pay attention to things happening under the hood. Almost every single part integrated into your car engine is working nonstop. Fuel injectors are crucial parts that are under a tremendous pressure every time you hit the gas. Keeping them clean and fluid is a good way to reduce the possibility of common failures as well as help your engine perform better.

Fuel injector cleaners are pure fuel additives which are designed to clean various kinds of grime deposited inside of injectors. They are developed for both diesel and gasoline engines.

After hours of research and comparison, we came up with 5 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners you can buy right now.

Top 5 Fuel Injector Cleaner Comparison

BG 44K Fuel System CleanerGasolineA
Liqui Moly 2005 Diesel PurgeDieselA
Red Line SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner GasolineA-
Liqui Moly 2007 JectronGasolineA-
Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate PlusGasolineB+

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Buying Guide

There are multiple factors which influence our decision for the best fuel injector cleaner for 2017.

Types: Normally, there are two types of injector cleaners – ones for gasoline and those for diesel engines. The way they work is pretty much the same; it’s just different spots they clean. All the more, there are certain products on the market which are compatible with both systems because they consist of chemicals which will stick directly to dirt, destroy it and won’t get involved in the process of burning. However, you should be very careful because a little mistake can cause a huge harm.

Usage: Fuel injector cleaners are very simple to use. You just have to pour the bottle into your tank together with the fuel and you are ready to go. It is recommended to empty the tank, put the cleaner first and then to add the fuel. Like we already said, pouring down a gallon of cleaner won’t fix your broken engine, but if you are stuck with a minor clogging issue, going a little over the dose could be the solution.

Performance: According to best fuel injector cleaner reviews, this additive could boost your car’s overall performance. Clean injectors should provide you lower fuel consumption as well as help you lower harmful engine emissions. Probably the most important thing about using these additives is that you do not have to spend a significant amount of money on professional fuel injector cleaning every year – one bottle of cleaner will reduce the chance of a severe breakdown.

Price: Prices differ from brand to brand, but overall, fuel injector cleaners are very affordable. The most expensive ones will cost you around $20. Nevertheless, certain products offer a mixture of various chemicals and other additives and could cost more.

Top 5 Fuel Injector Cleaners Reviews

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner – Editor’s Choice

BG 44K best fuel injector cleanerBG 44K is, judging by its popularity among the satisfied customers, probably, the most efficient fuel injector cleaner on the market. It should clean the scum in the injectors thus make an adequate pressure. What is more, it will clean your tank and your valves as well. It comes in a can of 11.2 ounces which can treat about 20 liters of gasoline, and it costs around $20. That makes it one of the most expensive fuel additives on the market, but considering its efficacy, it is certainly worth that money.

Despite being one of the best fuel injector cleaners on the market, BG 44K could cause an occasional engine misfire. It because of its active chemicals – most engines accepts them, and others simply don’t. All in all, it should not cause any harm to your engine, it is entirely safe to use.  

  • Very efficient injector cleaning, it could solve clogging problems
  • Beside injectors, it cleans the tank and valves
  • Occasional engine misfire can happen

Liqui Moly Diesel PurgeLiqui Moly 2005 Diesel Purge – Diesel Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner

Diesel fueling system is very different from the gasoline one. There is not much explosive combustion but there are way more parts that participate in the process of burning. Liqui Moly Diesel Purge offers cleaning and protecting of diesel injector system. It will remove carbon deposits and all other kinds of dirt deposited on the walls of injectors. This should make adequate pressure in the chambers, therefore eliminate the engine starting problems. For the price of about $12 you will receive 500 ml bottle.

Due to a cold temperature, it could happen that you see a small amount of smoke running out of your exhaust pipe, especially if the car was immobile for a given period of time.

  • Removes carbon deposits from diesel engine system
  • Eliminates the engine starting problems
  • Possible smoke out of exhaust pipe during cold days

Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner

Red Line Complete SI 1 Fuel System CleanerWhile other fuel injector cleaners have abandoned a class of compounds known as polyether amines (PEA), Red Line has kept it in its blend. It’s worth mentioning since it’s proven that PEA is a crucial component in fuel injector cleaning. Because of the reliance on proven technology, ratings of this products are very high, meaning that many people are satisfied with its efficacy. It comes in the bottle of 15 ounces, and it will cost you about $12 which is quite a decent bargain.

Comparing it to other fuel additives, Red Line will not reduce consumption significantly; it will only clean dirt deposit and keep your fuel system immaculate.

  • Contains polyether amines which are very efficient in fuel system cleaning
  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Will not make fuel consumption much more economical

Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner

liqui-moly-2007-jectron-gasoline-fuel-injection-cleanerLiqui Moly Jectron is gasoline additive that should provide you smoother idling, better throttle response, and lower fuel consumption. It’s available in 300 ml can for less than $10. It is entirely safe to use; it certainly won’t cause any fuel system damage, so it is worth a try. For the best results, you should pour it in 1/3 full tank.

Many people with the older cars have claimed that this additive has not shown any improvement. New technology, however, often targets only the newest cars on the market and for that reason you should be very discerning when it comes to buying brand new products.

  • Provides better throttle response and lower fuel consumption
  • Very cheap, yet good quality cleaner
  • Less effective on older fuel systems

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel Injector CleanerChevron is surely among the best fuel system cleaner brands on the market while this is their most popular product. It offers cleaning, restoring and protecting the whole fuel system – fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers as well as reduction of rough idle, engine surge, hesitation, and spark plugs fouling. As the manufacturer says, it should be used with every oil change. It costs around $15.

Judging by some critics, Chevron 65740 doesn’t make any difference in fuel consumption economy. What is more, certain people have claimed that their fuel consumption got ever higher after using this product.  

  • Cleans and protects the whole fuel system
  • It reduces engine hesitation and spark plugs fouling
  • It doesn’t improve fuel consumption

Closing Thoughts

Nowadays, there are plenty of fuel injector cleaning products out there on the market and it wasn’t an easy job to separate 5 best ones. You should be aware that all products we have mentioned as well as all other products on the market are not perfect and that each one of them has its downsides. 

We really hope that our review has helped you in choosing the best fuel injector cleaner for you.

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