Best Car Waxes 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best car waxWhether you own one of those brand new, glossy, magnificent looking cars which we see on freshly printed magazine pages or just a normal everyday car, you would, beyond a doubt, love to keep it clean and neat. The easiest way is to take it to the car wash, but for many, taking care of the personal car is a ritual which they do with pleasure.

After washing a vehicle, applying wax on the clean car body surface is a cherry on top even though it’s not a facile work. It could take more than an hour to do a proper job. Finding the best car wax can be tricky owing to very saturated market. Nevertheless, this car wax review shall help you choose the right one.


best car wax
Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax
Long-lasting protection; Easy to use; Can be applied on full sunshineAbsence of glossy effect on dark paint jobsCheck Price
car wax reviews
Nu Finish Once-A-Year Car Polish
Whole year protection; Easy to apply and remove; Can be applied on warm surfaceRough smellCheck Price
top quality car wax
Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba
Top quality protection; Rich and deep shine; Can be used for wheelsCan be difficult to removeCheck Price
Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax
Meguiar's G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax
Decent-lasting protection; No stains; Safe to use on any surfaceLack of glow; Slightly overpricedCheck Price
Turtle Wax T-9 1-Step Wax & Dry
Turtle Wax T-9 1-Step Wax & Dry
Easy and fast use; No flecks; Nice glossy lookProtection not very durableCheck Price

Best Car Wax Buyer’s Guide

Below are some key factors you should consider before choosing the best car wax for you.

Brands: Normally, top brands are popular owing to the fact that they offer good quality. Moreover, the best brands offer a variety of car wax types and they are organized in classes by their price. However, according to many car wax reviews, when looking for a top brand, it can happen that you face slightly overrated price of the product.

Price: Car waxes are very affordable and not that expensive. You can find premium, top quality car waxes for less than $20. The price usually depends on the type you choose. Car wax ratings on the internet indicate that even the cheapest ones can be very effective.

Types: Car waxes come in three major forms: paste, liquid, and spray.  Traditional paste waxes offer good long-lasting protection; most of them dry to a haze within a minute. Liquid ones offer a very similar quality of protection while spray waxes don’t last as long as the other two.

Usability: Paste waxes are easy to apply but slightly difficult to remove comparing them to liquid ones. Both types require patience and time. Spray waxes are simple to use, they are made for fast infliction and can be wiped off without drying.

Top Car Waxes Reviews

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax

best-car-wax-reviewMaguire’s Ultimate formula offers you synthetic long-lasting protection barrier which will secure your car’s paint job from the worst weather conditions. Hydrophobic Polymer technology gives stronger tension to the surface so the water can easily bread and roll right off the pain. Even though it takes time to cover the whole surface, it is very easy to apply and remove. It takes about few minutes to dry to a haze and you can spread it out in full sun on a warm surface, it won’t leave any stains.  

According to some people, black paint jobs could miss the expected glossy effect. What is more, considering the fact that this is the top quality product, among the most expensive ones, you certainly expect both durability and visual effect.


  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Offers long-lasting paint job protection
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Easy to apply and remove
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Can be applied in all weather conditions


  • [icon name=”arrow-down”] Absence of glossy effect on black paint jobs

Nu Finish Once-A-Year Car Polish

nu-finish-once-a-year-car-polish-car-waxThis liquid wax gives your car needed protection throughout the whole year. It will secure your vehicle from road grime, bird droppings, rust, corrosion and especially salt which can make your car body really suffer during the tough winter months. As well as other liquid waxes, Nu Finish is easy to inflict and remove and you will have no problems with applying it on full sun.

Although it is among the best quality waxes, Nu Finish can’t boast with its rough smell. For many, this is not a crucial factor but for those who really enjoy the ritual of waxing and polishing, it can play a big role.


  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Protects your car throughout the whole year
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Easy to apply and remove
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Can be applied in both sun and shade


  • [icon name=”arrow-down”] It does not smell nice

Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax 

mothers-05500-6-california-gold-brazilian-carnauba-cleaner-waxIf you prefer paste waxes rather than liquid ones, Mothers California offers you a traditional formula that will guarantee you top quality protection from road grime, corrosion and oxidization. It is slightly harder to spread it out and it takes more time to remove it but it does an excellent job of bringing out a rich, deep shine. Furthermore, you can use it for wheel protection as well.

It dries to haze very fast and you will have to do one panel at the time because if it stays on your paint for few extra minutes it will be much harder to remove it. For the same reason, it is not recommended to be applied on full sunshine.


  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Top quality paint job protection from external annoyances
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Provides rich and deep shine
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Can be used for wheel protection


  • [icon name=”arrow-down”] If it dries totally, can be difficult to remove

Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax

meguiars-g17516-ultimate-quik-waxSpray waxes are the easiest way to give your car needed protection and better outside look and Meguiar’s G17516 can be the right choice for you. According to many satisfied consumers, Meguiar’s has succeeded to deliver well-known formula from liquid wax to the spray form. They have developed Hydrophobic Polymer Technology in a spray which offers relentless water beading protection that lasts for weeks which is quite a decent period of time for one spray wax. It is safe to use on all painted surfaces including plastic and it will not leave any stains.

Meguiar’s G17516 is premium spray wax but sadly, it will not give you expected glitter. Its price is near to some liquid waxes that could offer you longer-lasting protection and for that reason, many customers decide to purchase cheaper alternatives.


  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Decent-lasting protection from outside dirt
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] It does not leave any stains on paint job
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Safe to use on all painted surfaces including plastic


  • [icon name=”arrow-down”] Lack of expected shine
  • [icon name=”arrow-down”] Price slightly overrated

Turtle Wax T-9 1-Step Wax & Dry 

cheap car wax turtle-waxTurtle T-9 spray wax gives you the quickest and the easiest way to protect your car’s paint job. Like all spray waxes, it is fairly simple to use. It will take you only a few minutes to spread it out over the car body which is a huge time saving comparing to the other car wax types. It dries out within few seconds, you can wipe it off immediately and it won’t leave any residue. Your car will look glossy regardless of its color – it doesn’t make any difference between light and dark paint jobs.

One should bear in mind that Turtle spray wax, as well as other spray waxes, does not provide long-lasting care. Don’t expect top quality protection from road grime during winter months. What is more, you will probably have to inflict the wax every time after washing your car.


  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] The quickest and the easiest way of protection
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] It does not leave any flecks after wiping off
  • [icon name=”arrow-up”] Offers nice glossy look


  • [icon name=”arrow-down”] It does not provide long-lasting protection, especially during rough winter.

Final Thoughts

Since the car waxes market is quite saturated, it wasn’t an easy job to pick 5 best car waxes. Bear in mind that all products we have mentioned as well as all other products on the market are not perfect and that each one of them has its downsides. We have tried to mark off right ones keeping in mind desires and needs of the customer. Moreover, while writing and collecting needed information, we always looked for a quality-price ratio.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best car wax for you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 

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